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Do you want your marketing spend to be more effective? To generate more leads, nurture your prospects more effectively and convert more sales?

Stratique are a leading Marketing Agency in the West Midlands, helping more local businesses grow by implementing monthly activities to raise their profile and to generate more business with existing customers, lapsed customers and new prospects.

We are not your typical marketing, design and public relations agency either. Based in heart of the West Midlands, we go further than just thinking about beautiful graphic or web design. We use a whole range of strategic marketing techniques to integrate your online marketing and offline communications, to ensure the growth of your business is managed and to deliver up to 14 activities to grow your sales revenues and to hit your growth targets.

The Stratique Team

One simple strategy you could adopt right now to increase your revenues by 52.1%

  1. Increase the number of customers by 15%
  2. Improve the average value of each transaction by 15%
  3. And increase the frequency of purchase by 15%

And you get an increase in revenues of 52.1%

Simple! All you need to do this are regular targeted communications, upsell and cross-selling strategies and strategies to increase loyalty.

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Stratique Marketing, Design and PR were established 2003. Since then we have consistently grown and have even tripled our business in a recession.

Stratique are a full service marketing agency with a very talented and experienced team. Our in-house experts have helped us to grow and will help your business do the same.

We give maximum value to our clients through advanced strategic techniques and affordable, outsourced marketing solutions starting from just £69/week.

Our marketing system is called the business propeller and it allows you to concentrate on your business, while our team of 7 trained experts work on your B2B marketing every month. Our approach is as follows:

The Business Propeller

  1. Develop strategies for your marketing campaign
  2. Target the right prospects for your business
  3. Develop a communications strategy positioning your company as the go-to business in your target markets
  4. Develop your unique selling points (USPs)
  5. Develop your marketing collateral and graphics to communicate specific messages to your target markets
  6. Attract interest every month through regular communications. This includes public relations, social media, search engine optimisation, telemarketing, database marketing,and direct mail
  7. Use with Advanced marketing automation to reduce the 3 biggest problems in your business: Lost traffic, lost leads, and lost sales
  8. Implement and automate the perfect Customer life cycle in your business

This entire process is called the business propeller.

If you would like to kick-start your business then call us today on 0845 226 3095 or email

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The Business Propeller

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